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We all know success in the global marketplace means change.  But exactly which changes?  How can a manager keep up, identifying and implementing the most useful and productive strategies?  How does a global organization communicate?  Coordinate production?  Make the most of its assets? Manage growth? 


In World Class Manager, Gerhard Plenert answers these questions as he spells out exactly how managers and their organizations can succeed in today's accelerated global business environment.  Supported by vivid examples from firsthand field experience and based on the wisdom that comes from years of astute study, analysis, and observation.  World Class Manager is nothing less than a total handbook to international growth.  This book presents the best possible counsel for managers, or aspiring managers, who want to make sure the future will be on their side. 

Endorsements from individuals and companies like:

Stephen R Covey

Nolan Archibald, Chairman and CEO of Black and Decker

Fed Ex


Chukyo University, Nagoya, Japan (Toyota Research Center)

Secretary General of the International Productivity Service