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The competitive nature of manufacturing has made it necessary for organizations to constantly evaluate and fine tune plant functions according to the latest cost-effective, quality-enhancing techniques.  The challenge is to not only understand the myriad improvement strategies available, but also recognize the ones that can keep your company competitive and profitable. 


The valuable strategies and information in this book can enhance your job performance, the productivity of the workforce, and the success of the company.  This comprehensive reference helps you:

  • Understand the relationship of various processes to the overall success of the plan
  • Identify control systems and feedback mechanisms that should be in place at each level to assure proper responsiveness
  • Improve communications by knowing what types of information should -- and should not -- be transferred between levels of management
  • And much more!

Whether your aim is to manage more effectively, gain a strong foundation of manufacturing basics, or make expert use of proven operations strategies, The Plant Operations Handbook is the most reliable source of information available. 

This book is out of print and is no longer available - SORRY !!!