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The eManager takes management theory and management practice into the new millennium by discussing world-class value chain management techniques in an e-commerce environment.  It provides a blueprint for international e-management success.

The author focuses on the importance of understanding e-commerce, how to get the best out of the international supply chain, develop a world-class business strategy, successfully innovate and change to meet the demands of a changing world and integrate global goals on a local scale.  This involves an open and sharing participative management style and effective teamwork, as well as a value -based organization and a learning organization that makes full use of continuous improvement strategies. 

Dr. Stephen Covey writes, "Truly Amazing book.  Here we have in one volume a comprehensive, current, scholarly, immensely practical , very readable entire course in becoming a world-class manager.  Gerhard Plenert beautifully bridges the best theory with the best practice out of wide and deep experience as a practitioner, a teacher, an author, a researcher and management philosopher.  This book is so good I am encouraging everyone in my company to ponder it."