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Small World

Book 1 -

The Siege Of The Small World

"Siege of Small World" is the first book in a fantasy series entitled, "The History of Small World."  In this series we follow the lives of a group of leprechauns whose existence has been inconvenienced by dwarfs who are no longer trading with them.  In an attempt to retaliate against the dwarfs, the leprechauns bring in friends from both the elf and lepelf communities.  They take up their journey towards the dwarfs but soon discover that it's not dwarfs but rather gnomes that have disrupted the harmony of their lives.  And they need to find out why.


The travelers encounter riposters, which are flying piranhas, muidivengers, which are the muddy protectors of the Creator, Retants, which are living roots, swamp rats, and a dozen more challenges like the hopls and worlepreeks.  They have devastating challenges and times of overwhelming joy.  There is excitement and disappointment.  There is laughter and sorrow.  Join the adventure by journeying with the travelers through "Small World."