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In Making Innovation Happen Plenert and Hibino seek to integrate a different approach to creating and restructuring systems and solutions for producing significant organizational results while incorporating the values and goals of several programs.  They recognize the need to use different principles as the basis for how to think.  They show how the new thinking action steps are different.  They propose that these differences could produce effective results.  The subtitle of the book, "Concept Management Through Integration," displays the intent to provide some grounded perspectives that go beyond the acronym and fad.  This book will stimulate the reader to revise their way of going about getting results from their change efforts. 


The focus of this book is fourfold:

  • Integration (World Class Management)
  • Innovation (Concept Management)
  • Creativity  -- idea generation (Breakthrough Thinking)
  • Quality and productivity improvements in the area of manufacturing management output, as demonstrated through stories and examples