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American management, stunned by foreign competition that yields products faster, cheaper, and better than U.S. industries, is beginning to sense that our business schools don't have all the answers.  A new breed of "international manager" is emerging -- one who hasn't been lulled to sleep by decades of dominance over the marketplace.  These new professionals are investigating the successful techniques used by managers around the world and bringing them back home to be remolded by "good old American ingenuity."


In this book, Plenert directs American managers to the most successful and innovative tools employed by companies worldwide and shows them how, with consideration to obvious cultural and economic differences, these tools can be put to work to revive our ailing industries.  First, Plenert discusses the causes and significance of the U.S.'s lack of competitiveness, and then warns of the conceptual biases that could stand in the way of recovery.


The bulk of the book provides an in-depth examination of such diverse management and production techniques as the centrally and worker-managed systems of Eastern Europe, Kabbutz and Optimized Production Technology in Israel, and the American styles being successfully modified in Western Europe and Canada.  An extensive look at Japan introduces workable facilities and production planning, management style, and employee relations techniques.  Plenert also discusses systems borne out of unique cultural and economic conditions in Latin America, the Far East, and other developing regions.