Plenert Consulting and Books


Piloted projects in 13 commands of the US Air Force with improvement benefits ranging from $ 1 M to $ 200 M per year

Medical Group / Hospital improvements focused on ER, OR, and Lab improving utilization from 50% to 300%

Reduced IT patch implementation time from 90 days to 11 days

Eliminated a 120 day backlog in medical records processing

78% reduction in records processing times for order processing / purchasing

75% travel time reduction in operational areas

40% reduction in process flow lead times

95% reduction in "jobs on hold"

50% reduction in lab processing time and 500% reduction in labeling errors

In 8 months I took a 14+% defect rate to below 2% for a HiTech manufacturer while simultaneously:

     Brought set-up times from 20 min. to below 6 min.

     Reduced inventories by 40%

     Took order preparation time from 5 days to less than 1 day

     Increased capacity by 30%