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About Making Innovation Happen . . .

"Dr. Gerhard Plenert and Dr. Shozo Hibino show the power of scholarly thinking in its application to business and industry.  The principles embodied in the book Making Innovation Happen are certain to help companies as they prepare to enter the 21st century."  Mel Olsen, VP, American Airlines

"Concept management, as described in this book, backed up by breakthrough thinking and world-class management, will change our business behaviors and philosophy in the 21st century.  Without these changes, enterprises will not survive in a mega-competitive society."  Yasuyuki Ogata, Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

About World Class Manager . . .

"Truly amazing book.  Here we have in one volume a comprehensive, current, scholarly, immensely practical, very readable entire course in becoming a world class manager.  Gerhard Plenert beautifully bridges the best theory with the best practice out of wide and deep experience as a practitioner, a teacher, an author, a researcher, and a management philosopher.  This book is so good, I am encouraging everyone in my company to ponder it."  Stephen R. Covey, Bestselling Author

"World Class Manager is an excellent book about what it takes to succeed in a changing and intensely competitive global marketplace.  This is a book about change, leadership, and how an unknown future equals enormous opportunity to the world class manager.  You'll find it a stimulating and thought-provoking read.  I recommend it."  Nolan D. Archibald, Chairman, President, and CEO, The Black & Decker Corporation

"... an excellent guide laced with practical principles to achieving world-class results as a manager.  It tackles today's complex and ever-changing business environment in a straightforward, informative approach full of self-assessment opportunities.  This book is a must read for all managers from the shop floor to the CEO."  Steven C. Johnston, Managing Director, Federal Express

"World Class Manager is one of the most helpful, practical, and useful books I have read in a long time.  I think that if anyone followed the book as a whole or referenced any part of it, they would be on the road to being a world class manager."  Lyle Tippetts, Director of Quality, AT&T