Plenert Consulting and Books

Holter Lake, MT

Consulting Areas Of Experience

Shingo Facilitator, Trainer, and Author

Strategy and Visioning in it's various forms

ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and all it's earlier versions like MRP and MRP II

TOC (Theory of Constraints) and Bottleneck Optimization

JIT (Just-in-Time)

LSS (Lean / Six Sigma) and TPS (Toyota Production System)

Concept Management / Breakthrough Thinking / Change Management

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and Shop Floor Control

Planning and Scheduling Systems like:

     S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning)

     FCS (Finite Capacity Scheduling), and

     APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)

Demand and Supply Side Optimization / Forecast Optimization

Inventory Optimization including EOQ / OIL / Min-Max, etc.

Analytics and Quality Optimization